sport and spare time



Lake Kiebitz also has offers for young people. Fun is guaranteed - youths meet while playing beach volleyball or on the scating area (next to the main car park). In Falkenberg the "Fitness-World" awaits you.
Tel. 035365/2925.

The "Beyerntreff" (only 6 km from here) offers tennis, squash and a bowling alley.

Tel. 035365/4433. You also find a tennis court in Schmerkendorf Tel. 035365/34048 and another bowling alley in the Bowlingscheune Großrössen  Tel. 035365/893780.


In the evening you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of the campsite or use the offers of the „Haus des Gastes" in Falkenberg. The calendar of events you is available at the reception.

For nightbirds the Blue Velvet in Falkenberg can be recommended. It's a well-liked club in the vicinity.



Further offers


  • Minigolf-site





  • ping-pong
  • volleyball
  • playground [more...]




  • nudist beach area
  • Open Air bowling alley
  • scating on a modern scating site
  • labyrinth [Labyrinth-Flyer]

          prices: 0-6 years free, 7-12 years= 1,50€ and over 13 years= 2,00€






lending articles:



Fee per hour

 Fee per day 


1,00 €

5,10 €

Bike for children

0,50 €

2,10 €


2,10 €

6,20 €

Pedal boat

4,60 €


"Capri 4" pedal boat

5,60 €


Pedal boat with slide

7,20 €